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Meet the Team

Mgr Eoin Thynne

Parish Priest

Mgr Eoin.jpg

087 240 1432

Fr Adrian Crowley

Parish Curate

Fr Adrian.jpg

087 409 8336

Kim Geoghegan

Parish Secretary


01 820 5480

Sr Rowena Galvin

Parish Sister

Rowena photo 50.jpg

01 821 7339

Brendan Doorly

Parish Sacristan


087 994 7827

Mass Times
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We look forward to welcoming you to our celebration of Mass at the following times


Saturdays: 6.30pm Vigil Mass

Sundays: 10am and 12noon


Mondays to Fridays: 10am


Wednesdays 7.30pm


Vigil Mass 7pm and 11am


We, the people of St. Luke’s Parish, are committed to:

  • Putting the person of Jesus Christ at the centre of our lives

  • Creating a welcoming Christian community that is ecumenical and respectful of other faiths

  • Giving priority to prayer and worship of the Trinity

  • Standing in solidarity with all who feel alienated


It is our hope that in living out our mission, all come to find joy, peace and fulfilment in Christ

Parish Mission Statement

St Luke's Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council meet regularly to discuss, discern, plan and prepare to help us continue to grow as a parish community.  

The following are the members of the Parish Pastoral Council

Mgr. Eoin Thynne

Fr. Adrian Crowley

Sr. Rowena Galvin

Mr. Rod Clifford

Mrs. Margaret Nugent

Mrs. Kim Geoghegan

If you would like to contact the Pastoral Council then please email the Parish Office or contact a member of the Parish Team.

St Luke's Front.jpg

St Luke's Church

The Parish of Mulhuddart forms part of the Archdiocese of Dublin and has its origins in the 12th century. Following the capture of Dublin by the Normans in 1170, the parish of Mulhuddart was heavily colonised by Anglo-Norman families. Their influence is still reflected in modern townland names. Buzzardstown, for instance, is called after the family of William Bossard; Tyrellstown is called after a junior branch of the Tyrell’s, created barons of Castleknock in 1173. Cruiserath is a combination of the family name of Cruise and the Gaelic word rath meaning an earthen ring-fort.

St Luke's Plaque.PNG

In 1984, Fr. Leo Quinlan was appointed as a curate in Blanchardstown parish and he was given the responsibility for the newly developing area of Mulhuddart. Within days of his arrival Fr. Leo offered the first Saturday evening Mass in the building workers hut which was situated at the corner of Church Road and Dromheath Avenue. From Monday to Friday, the hut was used by the builders working on Dromheath and Parslickstown Estates, and on Saturday evening and Sunday morning it was used for the celebration of Mass.

A decision was taken to build a church for the growing needs of the community, and the Church was completed in February 1993. Later that year on 15th August the church was dedicated to St. Luke the Evangelist during Mass celebrated by Archbishop Desmond Connell.

A parishioner from Blanchardstown, Clare McCourt Molloy wished to honour her ill husbands request and his memory after his death by installing a stained glass window in the new parish church. The beautifully crafted stained glass window, created by renowned artist Willie Early, depicts a central story and theme in the Gospel of Luke, The Return of the Prodigal Son. The theme was chosen by Fr. Leo.

From the earliest days of our parish the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny have been actively involved in a wide range of activities and pastoral work in the parish.   They still play an integral part in working with parishioners in our community.

In 2005 we saw the refurbishment of the church to increase its capacity and to provide a much needed Parish Centre. The parish boundaries were extended to include Tyrrelstown and Hollystown and is now home to over 4000 dwellings.

Stained Glass Window.jpg

SatNav: 53.406488, -6.393268

St Luke's Pastoral Centre, Tyrrelstown

St Luke's Pastoral Centre front 2.jpg

The parish opened a new Pastoral Centre in Tyrrelstown in 2022.  As well as being a parish presence in this local area, it offers a great outreach to those living in this part of our parish. 

Tyrrelstown reception.jpg

The Centre has a prayer room, where people can light a candle and pray in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, meeting rooms and a space for tea and coffee.

You are welcome to call in whenever we are open - to say hello, have a chat or say a prayer.

Tyrrelstown Prayer Room.jpg
Tyyrelstown Big room.jpg
Tyyrelstown Coffee area.jpg
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