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Christmas Wreath


Here are some ideas to help your celebration of the seasons of Advent and Christmas:

a time of joyful waiting and expectation, of hope and trust, and a celebration of the promises of God. 

Please use the buttons to explore the various ideas for you and your family.

Family Advent Journey
Advent in 2 mins


Go on a journey with Jesus this Advent.


One family activity for each of the 4 weeks of Advent. 


Have fun!!

Map Pin.png

Please click the map button

to download the booklet.

Advent in 2 minutes

Want to know more about ADVENT?  Take 2 minutes to watch this video to find out!

A Star to the Stable.png

We invite you to paint, draw, knit, sew or craft a Christmas Star to display in your window during Advent.  Like the star that led the wise men to Bethlehem, your star symbolises your journey to meet Christ this Christmas. 

Then, if you are out and about, you can see how many stars you can find before 25th December!

You can send in a photo of your star to us too!

Advent Calendar
Star to Stable
Advent Calendar 2022.PNG
Jesse Tree
Jesse Tree.png


Christingle means Christ-light and is a fun activity to do with children.  Using the instructions you can create this colourful symbol of the Christ we welcome at Christmas.

Our easy to follow guide, will help you also make this a time of prayer, reflection and sharing as you make the Christingle together. 

Christmas Presents.jpg

Keeping Christ in CHRISTmas

Preparing for Chirstmas often means getting caught up in the practicalities and busyness of cards, presents, food, trees, decorations.

So how can we do all of this and still prepare for Christ's coming?

Here are a few ideas...

Christmas Cards.png
Turkey and Trimmings.png
Christmas Tree.png
Christmas Cake.png
Advent Wreath


Why not think about making an Advent Wreath for your home to help countdown through this special season?  You could use greenery from the garden and get 5 candles: 3 purple, 1 pink and 1 white.

If you can't get different coloured candles just use 5 plain ones.


Spend some time each week to light the candles in turn and to pray together.

Advent Wreath.png






Week 1

Light the

first purple candle

Child: God, we ask you to bless our family Advent Wreath. It has evergreen leaves, reminding us that you will always be with us…and it is shaped like a circle, with no beginning or end, just like your love for us is always there for us, surrounding us every day.

Adult: Jesus, we look forward to celebrating your birth at Christmas. Open our hearts to love all the people we meet each day.

All the family: Come Lord Jesus into our hearts and in our home.

Week 2

Light the

second purple candle

Child: Jesus, our brother, we ask you to bless our family during this Advent time. We light these candles to remind us that you bring light into our lives and into the world. We thank you for showing us how to show love and be kind and help those who need help.

Adult: God, your story of love for people all through time reminds us that you are with us, offering us light and hope. .Help us to trust in you this week.

All the family: Come Lord Jesus into our hearts and into our home.

Week 3

Light the

pink candle

Child: God, we light the pink candle today. This reminds us that you want joy for us…you want us to trust you and believe that you are there for us, even when things are hard.

Adult: Jesus, our friend, we thank you for the joy you give us as a family…for all the love and fun we enjoy together. Help us to share our joy with others.

All the family: Come Lord Jesus into our hearts and into our home.

Week 4

Light the

third purple candle

Child: Jesus our friend and brother, we ask you to bless all the people who are waiting to celebrate your birthday….help us to spend these days of waiting by showing love and kindness to everyone.

Adult: God, your love for us meant that you would give us your own Son. Help us to realise that you love us so much. We look forward to showing your love by being with you on Christmas Day.

All the family: Come Lord Jesus into our hearts and into our home.

Christmas Day

Light the

white candle

Child: Jesus, our new born King, we thank you for coming into the world bringing us your peace and joy.  Help us to follow the example of love you gave by being the best we can be.

Adult: God, you gave us the best gift this Christmas: the gift of your son, Jesus.  Thank you for all the blessings that come from you.

All the family: Come Lord Jesus into our hearts and into our home.

Travelling Crib
Journey to Bethlehem.png


Why not use Advent as a time to set up a crib in your home?  Move the Mary and Joseph figures around your home from the 1st Sunday of Advent as they make their way to where your crib is going to be and 'arrive' on Christmas Eve.

You could then do the same with the 3 Kings, and move those figures around the house from Christmas Day until they 'arrive' on the Feast of the Epiphany on 6th January.

If you do not have a crib set then you could make your own - using the Colour-in Nativity Set on this page.

Colour In Crib
Crib Figure Prayers
Colour in Crib.png

This is a lovely, simple Nativity Set to print on card, cut out and fold.

It comes in 3 parts and

can be left plain

or coloured in.

Click on the buttons

to download.


Nativity Set



Putting figures in the crib.png

Click on the picture to download prayers and reflections when placing figures in the crib

Nativity Tent
Nativity Tent.png


Pope Francis has invited us all on a journey called the Synod.  As part of this journey we are invited to think about the Church as a Tent - and how we might invite others into the tent to be with us.  Perhaps this year you might like to put your crib figure inside a tent structure at home?  For a leaflet with more information and ideas about this, please click the image!

Bambinelli Blessing

Bambinelli Blessing

Each year, on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, children gather with their families in St. Peter’s Square for “Bambinelli Sunday" and bring with them the figure of the Christ Child - the Bambinelli - from their family’s nativity scene.  The Pope blesses the children and the figurines they have brought.

You may wish

to celebrate this same tradition

and use the Bambinelli Blessing 

with your own Baby Jesus crib figure at home.

Bambinelli Sunday Blessing

God our Father,

you loved us so much,

you sent us your only Son, Jesus,

born of the Virgin Mary,

to save us and lead us back to you.
We pray that, with your blessing,

these images of Jesus might be a sign

of your presence and love in our homes.
Good Father,

give your blessing to all who gather with us

this Christmas -  our family and friends.
Open our hearts,

that we might receive Jesus in joy,

always do what he asks of us,

and see him in those who need our love. 


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